Tipping Point :: A Bournemouth University Project

51 East Street, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3JX – United Kingdom
1pm – 6pm Saturday 6th July 2019

Adrian Newton BU Professor of Conservation Ecology
Ambrose Seddon BU Senior Lecturer in Creative Technology
David Rogers co-director electricbackroom STUDIO

The event will include sound art installations, a talk ‘The Science and Practice of Ecoacoustics and ‘Live’ and pre-recorded sound works from a number of invited sound artists.

Exploring the impact of environmental change on Dorset ecosystems through sound and especially the possibilities of non-linear change (tipping points) driven by feedbacks and chaos. Focusing on ecoacoustics, an emerging interdisciplinary field that explores the sounds made by species in human-modified and pristine environments.

[Ecoacoustics is an interdisciplinary science that investigates natural and anthropogenic sounds and their relationship with the environment over a wide range of study scales, both spatial and temporal, including populations, communities, and landscapes].

1-6pm Interactive installation by Ambrose Seddon in the courtyard:
sound art diffused on a multi-speaker array.

1-3pm Wireless headphone Installation by Adrian Newton in the canteen:
sound art broadcast over wireless headphone system.

3.30-4.15pm Talk by Adrian Newton in the canteen [FREE see below]:
Science and Practice of ecoacoustics. How sound recording technologies can be used to characterise ecosystems and explore ecological processes, including tipping points resulting from environmental change.

4.30-6pm SHH! concert in the canteen [FREE see below]:
wireless headphone concert of live and pre-recorded ecoacoustic works.

Full programme to be announced: http://www.electricbackroom.org.uk

FREE tickets for Talk and Concert available from: eventbrite.com

Bournemouth University and electricbackroom STUDIO

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The Museum of ecoacoustic Phenomena

Adrian Newton • Ambrose Seddon • Marcus Leadley • David Rogers
Bournemouth Natural Science Society Museum
Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 10am – 4pm

Museums are traditionally places of silence. Artefacts displayed in glass cases become objects solely of visual contemplation, even though sound is a central feature
of our culture and society. To tell the story of modern science, we therefore need to make more of a noise.

To achieve this, we focus on ecoacoustics, an emerging interdisciplinary field that explores the sounds made by species in human-modified and pristine environments. Ecoacoustics also lies at the interface of art and science, providing insights into how we humans are modifying the world around us, and raising awareness of our role in environmental change :: more

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Painting with Video :: Poppy Moores Open Studio

Experimental video and sound by Home Education Student Poppy Moores
Thursday 28th March 2019
DIVAcontemporary STUDIO between 4 – 7pm

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Beauty on Fire

By Poppy Moores a video referencing how we have created substitutes for the real life around us – fake grass and pictures of mother nature. We have these now and are forgetting about the beauty behind us, which is on fire.

Entered into http://60sec.org ‘HUMAN versus Nature’ 60 sec silent film festival Denmark

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‘young creatives’ media group

‘Terpsichore’ a new experimental video from the young creatives at DIVAcontemporary STUDIO.

In Greek mythology, Terpsichore (/tərpˈsɪkəriː/; Τερψιχόρη) “delight in dancing” was one of the nine Muses and goddess of dance and chorus. She lends her name to the word “terpsichorean” which means “of or relating to dance”.

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Appeal of Bells :: Dorset County Association of Bell Ringers

Mini-Ring at the Kingston Maurward Open Day on Sunday 24th June.

DIVAcontemporary STUDIO co-directors Victoria Pirie and David Rogers spent an entertaining morning discussing the Appeal of Bells project with members of the Dorset County Association of Church Bell Ringers and young bell ringers.

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sounding shore :: coast to coast – Whitstable Biennale 2018

sounding shore :: coast to coast – wireless headphone concert programme

Whitstable Biennale 2018
Saturday 2nd June 11am-7pm on the beach near Keams Yard

sounding shore :: coast to coast is curated and facilitated by Marcus Leadley and David Rogers. It’s been a feature of the Whitstable Biennale since 2010. The event is again being produced as a collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London and DIVAcontemporary STUDIO.

Expect underwater sounds, home made instruments, the music of broken things, hidden sounds, elemental interactions and grand gestures… more

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SOUNDS HEXperimental by young creatives [download]



SOUNDS HEXperimental :: 30 minutes of intriguing sound experiments by members of the STUDIO’s Home Education Media Group.

The young creatives began the four week series of workshops by exploring the local environment, recording sounds and collecting objects. On returning to the studio they were given the task of responding and recreating the collected sounds. The resulting audio and collected sounds were then mixed, manipulated and brought together to create this 12 track (with 2 bonus videos) download.


Tracks 1 – 8 – 12 by Theo Sudbury-Slight
Tracks 2 – 4 – 9 – 10 – 11 by Cosmo Sudbury-Slight
Track 3 by Poppy Moores (with George Green)
Tracks 5 – 6 – 7 by Rowan Watkins

bonus items:
movement.mp4 by Cosmo Sudbury-Slight
landscape.mov by Poppy Moores
10 page .pdf booklet by David Rogers

produced and mixed at DIVAcontemporary STUDIO by David Rogers
released March 31, 2018

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DIVAcontemporary STUDIO podcasts from the South Winterbourne Journey project

Contributions from Howard Bowering, Margaret Hearing, John Story and John Story Junior, reading the wartime reminiscences of Martinstown residents Ron Howard, Dolly and Harry Bowering. Bell Ringers: Robert Walters, Timothy F. Collins, Mike Pitman, D. John Knight, Howard J. Bowering and Robin J. Mears.

Recorded and edited by David Rogers.

In conversation with Mandy Rathbone
Recorded and edited by David Rogers
additional audio by Mandy Rathbone and ivon oates.

Contributions from Jim Godding, Lee House, Rachel Bailey, Grant Neven and members of the MCC Juniors.

Recorded and edited by Mandy Rathbone
additional audio by David Rogers.

DIVAcontemporary STUDIO
for the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership Project
Land Bone & Stone.

supported by Dorset AONB and the Heritage Lottery Fund

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DIVAcontemporary STUDIO Bandcamp releases

sound :: lost and found symphony
Link to download

Led by: Dr Marcus Leadley, James Bulley, David Rogers, Professor Adrian Newton. participants: ivon oates, Mandy Rathbone, Sarah West, Eva Fahle-Clouts, Jemima Talbot-Rogers, Yoshiki Ichihara, Han Joon Sung, Duncan Silvey, Guy Fleisher.

‘sound: lost and found’ was an encounter with environment that focused on sound and listening. A circular walk from West Bay to Bridport, Dorset, and back. Seeking out ‘lost’ and ‘hidden’ sounds – from inside objects, underwater sounds and electromagnetic sounds, recordings made during the walk were used to realise the Lost and Found Symphony, a soundscape composition produced during a live, improvised performance at the Salt House, West Bay, Dorset.

The Being Human Festival led by the School of Advanced Study, University of London, in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.Event supported by Goldsmiths University, London, West Dorset District Council, friends and family on crowdfunder.

Plastic Ocean [The Forest of Plasticity volume1]
Link to download

Plastic Ocean opens with Kate Moran, recording the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Canada, speaking of the detrimental effects by humans of sound on whales, in a 2017 Radio 4 interview.

ivon oates and David Rogers played a mix of ‘plastic sounds’ as a response to recordings of whales and dolphins, using the very same materials that pollute the oceans, to highlight the impending catastrophic imbalance to the environment.

The piece ends with the devastating statistic that ….

‘…. we are on the way to have the same weight of plastics in the global oceans, in 2050, as the weight of fish …’

Erik Solheim Executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme

The Forest of Plasticity [volume2]
Link to download

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival 2017 [fringe]

Curated by Adrian Newton, a place of transformation and mutability. Where sound is plastic and plastic is sound. Sound art and experimental music by local and international artists, exploring sonic responses to ocean plastic.

The Forest of Plasticity [volume3]
Link to download

Broadcast on Bournemouth Beach by Adrian Newton

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