open studio :: coast to coast at Whitstable Biennale Satellite 2014

whit2010(above) Marcus Leadley headphone installation.
(below) Marcus Leadley and David Rogers recording on Whitstable beach.
Whitstable Biennale Satellite programme 2010 – photos by Mandy Rathbone.


Saturday 31st May 2014 11am – 4pm [on the beach, Whitstable]

Time and Tide: (2008), (2010), (2012)  Marcus Leadley is an artist whose work explores the sound of everyday places. One of his objectives is to encourage people to listen in a more focussed way to the world around them and gain a deeper appreciation of the richness of the acoustic environment. This is his fourth Whitstable Biennale. Previous installations have been structured around the sounds of the shoreline (2008), the harbour and foreshore (2010) and on the Hidden Sounds of Whitstable (2012). This year he turns his focus towards the passing of time. Time and Tide is a triptych based on his field recording archives from previous events. running time: 60min. :: more

imminent at every window vd coverimminent at every window (2013) Joe Stevens :: This album is made up of location recordings that I captured during my development for film soundtracks I created last year. The films were constructed from a GPS recorded walk on Portland and the location recordings were captured at various points along this walk. These location recordings were substantially processed to make the resulting soundtracks to match the visuals. The resulting soundtracks were released on the Electronic Musik net label (North West 6 to Gale 8 (Em194) –

However I kept coming back to the original location recordings of the wind wiping around Portland Harbour and have mixed them together, keeping closer to the original source material to form this new album of three tracks. running time: 15min. :: more

The album cover image captured close to one of the original location recordings.

To be released on greenfieldrecordings in June 2014

mandy-on-portlandChesil Beach on the Dorset coastline (2013) Mandy Rathbone :: six locations along the coastline from West Bay to Portland, individually recorded and played back as one soundscape. part of sonic coast::metamedia open studio 7 at DIVAcontemporary Studio 26th August 2013. running time: 3min. :: more

StCathBoundarychapel boundary (2013) David Rogers :: contact mics –  field recording of the wire fence around St. Catherine’s Chapel,  Abbotsbury, Dorset. running time 8 min. :: more

Listening Quarry (2013) ivon oates :: binaural recordings – listening through drilled holes in the stone to echoes, wind and bird calls, Tout Quarry, Portland, Dorset.
running time: 3 min. :: more

coast to coast – Bridport to West Bay – World Listening Day (2013) :: Victoria and Isabel Pirie – field recording from a WLD walk from Bridport to West Bay, Dorset. running time: 8 min. :: more



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