sonic coast :: sounding shore 2016

Whitstable Biennale 2016
Saturday 4th June 11am-5pm on the beach near Keams Yard

Whitstable 2016 :: live on the beach V[1]
Whitstable 2016 :: live on the beach V[2]

Channel 1 : Live Performance

whitstable morning 1

photo by Iris Garrelfs

Marcus Leadley
Explores the Hidden Sounds of Whitstable. Underwater sound from the harbour, cash registers, LED lighting and power cables are all brought together to create an intriguing sonic map of Whitstable.

Hydrophone recordings taken in the Medway – live laptop treatments.

Nemeton [Adrian Newton]
Performance using found sounds sourced from the location itself. Nemeton will be exploring refuse washed up on beach as a sound source.

Lab of Sonic Possibilities [Tansy Spinks and Iris Garrelfs]
Tansy and Iris will continue their Lab of Sonic Possibilities with a performance for microphone and beach. The Lab explores locations through listening and sound related activities, uncovering the different perspectives on site specificity this reveals.

Nicolas Freeman
Nicholas has recently completed an artist residency in Aldeburgh. He will be using a MAX patch and a laptop to process the field recordings he made along the coastline. These will be combined with fragments of noise and melody.

Greg McLaren
Greg will be jumping into the sea with his mobile phone.

Emmanuel Spinelli
Live mixing and treatments of coastal recordings.

whitstable evening 2016photo by Marcus Leadley

Luke Scott and Lewis Wolstanholme
Ableton Live software, laptop and field recordings.

Douglas Benford
Harmonium and beachcombing. No electronics!

Daniel Ross
Custom built software and field recording.

Ingrid Plum
Field recordings, cassette playback, looping pedals and voice.

Charles Vaughan and Tim Gardiner
Sea, beach, violin and electronics.

Channel 2 : Recordings

Programme 1
1. Lone Broadcast : Magz Hall
2. glass water : David Rogers
3. Hidden Sounds of Whitstable : Marcus Leadley
4. Scape : John Levack Drever
5. South Bay 28th July 2012 : Rob Mackay
6. St. Catherine’s Chapel : ivon oates
7. The Rain Is : Marjorie Van Halteren & Jeff Gburek

Programme 2
1. Dungeness Tower : David Rogers
2. From Sea To Sky And Back Again : Benjamin Dallimore-Symonds
3. Installation for an Imaginary Beach : Marcus Leadley
4. Saline : Jasmine Guffond
5. Water : Jon Pigram
6. Sea Pictures : Rob Mackay
7. Sea Swim Sounds : Rob Mackay
8. Un : Jess Irvine

Programme 3
1. The Isle is Full of Noises : Mandy Rathbone
2. Whitstable 2010 : Marcus Leadley
3. Parallel Places : Marcus Leadley
4. Sounds of the Insect World : Salad Producer

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