SoundCamp 2016 :: International Dawn Chorus Day

SoundCamp 2016 at DIVAcontemporary STUDIO, Dorset.
Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May.

Live Projection

Participants: David Rogers | Mandy Rathbone | ivon oates | Victoria Pirie | Julia Hutton | Nigel Slight | Theo Sudbury Slight | Hodie Slight | Richard Mabb

Saturday 30th April – Toller Porcorum

THE LAST CHORUS from Nigel Slight on Vimeo.

Saturday 30th April – Symondsbury, Bridport

Sunday 1st May – Symondsbury, Bridport

5 – 6am       Reveil Broadcast – live from the studio.

Mics (shotgun and contact [and hydro] connected to mixer) positioned outside the studio connected to MAC for live streaming.

6.30 – 9am Listening/recording walk (up to 8 participants) walk to woods and then to the Symondsbury Kitchen, Manor Yard.

9 – 10.30am         BreakfastSymondsbury Kitchen.

11am – 1pm         Audio editing workshop (up to 8 participants) Back in studio – download and edit (using Audacity software) – locate and place sounds on aporee maps and upload as podcasts on spreaker radio.

MandyMandy Rathbone [photo by Julia Hutton]

david before sunrise
David Rogers

dawn at crepe
Julia Hutton

ivon sunrise

Ivon 2

ivon oates [photo by Julia Hutton]

LAST CHORUS II from Nigel Slight on Vimeo.

CD booklet IDCD

CD Download available from DIVAcontemporary STUDIO Bandcamp



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