regularJOE :: open studio at b-side OUTPOST – Portland

Friday 7th [7-9pm :: invite]
and Saturday 8th July [12noon-5pm :: open to the public]

b-side, Outpost, 77 Fortuneswell
Isle of Portland, DT5 1LY
‘regularJOE’  – an opportunity to see a selection of early video/animations
made by Joe Stevens.

Works being screened:




Obelisk, Portland Bill and windsock
In these works I have become interested in creating moving pictures and painters, photographers, and filmmakers have inspired their making. I have treated these animated landscapes as a simplified drawing. I try to avoid putting in more than is necessary and I endeavor to balance the identity of the landscape, with the abstraction of the picture frame, reducing and simplifying the colour space. Joe Stevens 2009

atomicgunSea, Circles and atomicGUN
Colour, and nothing but colour, flat and unmodulated, floods the attention. While the colours are very simple this body of work has light, fresh qualities about it.

I uses technology to create structured installations of light that have great poetic beauty. Light, colour and randomness are the connecting themes in this body of work. Informed and inspired by the ‘St Ives’ school of paintings, I have created a dynamic set of work that uses light and geometry driven by Flash computer software that randomly changes the image supported by an atmospheric soundtrack.

This body of work involves digital images that are generated using computer code, which randomly places a preconceived set of images into the picture frame, depending on a set of rules. This then creates experimental abstractions that fuse technology with the visual arts.

In this work I explore the power of abstract shape through meticulous geometry, working with form, colour, space and graphic shapes to create work that takes the classic ‘St Ives’ abstraction look into a contemporary visual form. Joe treats colour as an independent form, utilising the architectural plane on which it sits and the space around it to create new illusions of space and colour. Joe Stevens 2009

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