sonic coast :: on film

Saturday 27th June 2015 | time: 7 -9pm | venue: STUDIO [directions]
Booking: please contact or telephone 01308 459071


wind-turbines‘converse 1 • wood pigeon and wind turbine’ by ivon oates [4min audio]
a wood pigeon muses on wind power. Mixed field recordings.

This soundwork recalls a ‘converse’ interaction between ‘living voice’ and constructed sounds, a woodpigeon and a wind turbine, conversational rather than polarised. It is an imagined improvisation between a woodpigeon and a wind turbine.

The bird sounds out into the turbulence, swooping its call along the stream of air, diving in and out of the repetitious draft, as if it were improvising on a ‘baseline’. I am filling in the hiatus in my ability to understand the speech of the bird and in the long tradition of mimicking and anthropomorphising bird calls, I am allowing the play between the two ‘voices’.

dislocation‘[dis]location’ by David Rogers [4min video]
mixed field recording

The location: a ‘walk’ through the park to
the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona.
The dislocation: an escalator ride through the trees.

Dungeness‘Dungeness’ by David Rogers [3min audio]
remixed field recordings, hydro, contact and shotgun mics, layered over an ambient soundtrack.

Dungeness Tower was included in Cities and Memory Oblique Strategies project, more than 60 artists all over the world reinterpret and reimagine field recordings, using Eno and Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies cards as creative inspiration for their reworking of the original source sound.

elements‘elements’ by David Rogers [10min video]
a triptych

Originally a projection for a dance production, ‘elements’, with the addition of the soundtrack ‘fin’, becomes ‘something else’……..

MYUSA‘The Half-Life of Facts’ by Marc Yeats [15min performance video]
Performers: Syzygy EnsembleWorld
premiere at Melbourne Metropolitan Festival, Australia 6th May 2015.

tbc ‘streaming’ for alto flute by Marc Yeats [18min performance video]
World premiere by Carlton Vickers at Brandies University, Boston on the 24th April 2015.

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