young creatives :: installation workshop and open studio

DIVAcontemporary STUDIO
Thursday 6th April 4 – 7pm

The ‘young creatives’ presented their 2 films from workshop1 and 3 audio dramas from workshop2, as well as creating a audio video installation in the studio’s (backroom) called ‘It’s contemporary’ (2 projections, 3 screens and audio).

Friendship Gone Wrong – looped projection with audio.
actors and crew: Paloma, Nara, George, Rachelle, Rowan, Cosmo, Joseph.


Movement 1 & 2 – two screen looped video.
actor and crew: Cosmo, Rowan, Theo, Joseph, Poppy.


Cosmo Twitching – single screen looped video.
actor and crew: Cosmo, Joseph, Rowan.

Popcorn – looped projection.
actor and crew: David, Cosmo, Rowan.